Cambiar o no cambiar el mueble para bajar el clima de un BMW e46 para instalar pantalla Android

Change or not change the furniture to lower the climate of a BMW e46 to install Android display

There are many customers who ask us "Should I change the furniture to put the Android screenin my BMW e46?", and that is why we have decided to make this small post to help future clients decide between changing or not changing the furniture to lower the air controls.

Before we continue, we will make it clear that This post is only intended for those BMW's e46 that do NOT have a series screen (if your BMW takes the series screen and you want to switch to the Android one, you must NOT replace the piece of furniture, since it takes the space of 2 din to fit it without problems and does not need to lower the climate).

There is no regulation or requirement that says YES, it is essential to change the furniture. Then ... Why is there a doubt about changing or not changing the furniture?

If you look, the air command ends with the round corners, and the hole we have in the portagafas, has the square corners ... then ... when the controls are lowered in the place of the portagafas, there will be a hole in the lower corners (it will lose aesthetics and it will enter dirt in the inside of the dashboard).

On the other hand, if we do not change the furniture, we will find another drawback, and it is that in trying to fit the climate in the portagafas, we will not get that it is subject, since the portagafas does not have the upper and lower anchorages that make 'click' and allow to couple the climate, therefore, in case of not replacing it, we will have to use double-sided tape or two small turns so that the module of the air controls does not move.

The solution to these two drawbacks, is to change the furniture to lower the climate, but if you don't care about the aesthetics of your BMW and you're a little bit manitas to make the module fit and not to move, you can put an Android screen on it without changing the furniture.

Our recommendation is to change the furniture and make the installation simple and without losing the essence of BMW.

Click here if you want to buy a piece of furniture to lower your BMW e46's air controls.

We also want to inform you that changing the furniture is very simple, as this one is only fastened with two screws that are located in the bottom of the beautify where there is the change of gears.



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