Conectividad en BMW: Descubre las Aplicaciones y Sistemas Innovadores

Connectivity at BMW: Discover Innovative Applications and Systems

Connectivity in BMW vehicles has reached a new level of innovation, offering drivers a range of applications and systems that improve the driving experience and interaction with the car.

Smart Connectivity

The BMW ConnectedDrive range of applications opens up a world of possibilities, allowing drivers to integrate their mobile devices with the vehicle to access a wide variety of services and functions. From advanced navigation to smartphone integration, BMW's intelligent connectivity provides convenience and safety.

Innovative Applications

Discover apps like BMW Connected, which offers features such as route planning, remote vehicle control and destination synchronization with the navigation system. The BMW Remote Services app enables remote locking and unlocking as well as real-time car location.

Advanced Systems

Connectivity systems at BMW incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as integration with voice assistants, connectivity with smart home devices and the display of vehicle information in real time through the BMW Connected app.

These advances in connectivity not only improve the driving experience, but also reflect BMW's commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

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