Mantenimiento Esencial para Coches BMW: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Essential Maintenance for BMW Cars: Everything you need to know

Regular and complete maintenance is essential to ensure the performance, safety and durability of your BMW car. In this article, we will provide you with useful and practical tips for maintaining your BMW vehicle, from changing the oil to inspecting the brakes and tires. Keeping your BMW in top condition not only improves its lifespan, but also helps reduce the chance of costly breakdowns. Read on to find out how to properly care for your BMW car.

Oil and Filter Change

Regular oil and filter changes are essential to ensure optimal engine performance in your BMW. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations on the frequency of oil changes and the type of oil to use.

Brake Inspection

Brakes play a critical role in the safety of your vehicle. Perform regular inspections to check the thickness of the brake pads and the condition of the discs. Replace worn pads and discs as necessary.


Tires in poor condition can affect traction, stability, and fuel efficiency. Regularly check tire pressure and look for signs of wear. Replaces worn or damaged tires to maintain optimal performance and safety on the road.

Cooling System Maintenance

The cooling system is vital to ensuring that the engine runs at the proper temperature. Check coolant levels and look for signs of leaks or damage to hoses and radiators.

Exhaust system

A well-maintained exhaust system not only reduces emissions, but also contributes to optimal engine performance. Regularly inspect the exhaust system for leaks, corrosion and damage.

Electricity and Lights

Regularly check the condition of the battery, lights and electrical systems. Replace burned out bulbs and check the operation of all lights, including brake lights, turn signals, and headlights.

Exterior Cleaning and Care

In addition to mechanical maintenance, you should not overlook the exterior care of your BMW. Wash it regularly, wax the paint and protect the interior from sun exposure and dirt.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your BMW car remains in optimal condition, which will not only give you a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, but will also protect the value of your investment in the long term.

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