Técnicas Avanzadas de Conducción Deportiva en BMW: Dominando el Asfalto

Advanced Sports Driving Techniques in BMW: Mastering the Asphalt

Do you want to push your BMW to the limit and experience the thrill of sports driving? In this article we will reveal the advanced techniques that will allow you to dominate the asphalt with your BMW, from the correct driving position to the application of braking and acceleration techniques.

Driving Position

The correct driving position is essential to maximize the control and response of your BMW. Adjust the seat and steering wheel for an upright posture and optimal support. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows slightly bent.

Curve Tracing

Master the art of drawing curves with millimeter precision. Use the turning point, the ideal line and progressive acceleration to maintain stability and speed.

Braking Techniques

Learn to use the brake efficiently and safely. The phased braking technique will allow you to modulate the braking intensity and maximize the stability of your BMW.

Skid Control

Discover how to control skids in a controlled and safe manner, making the most of your BMW's traction. Train in a safe environment to hone these skills.

Vehicle Preparation

Don't forget the importance of proper preparation of the vehicle for sports driving. Make sure you have high-performance tires, a braking system in optimal condition, and an appropriate suspension setup.

Get ready to push your BMW to the limit and enjoy the true adrenaline of sports driving!

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