Amortiguador de Tapa de Maletero Resorte de Gas 270N para BMW E46: La Mejora Original de BMW que Necesitas

270N Gas Spring Trunk Lid Damper for BMW E46: The Original BMW Upgrade You Need

270N Gas Spring Trunk Lid Damper for BMW E46: Improves Functionality with Originality

In the automotive world, having original spare parts is an important factor. If you are the owner of a BMW 3 Series E46 Cabrio, you are surely looking to improve your experience on the road with the best accessories. For this reason, we present to you the 270N Gas Spring trunk lid shock absorber for BMW E46 , designed specifically for this model. This original BMW part will allow you to open and close the trunk of your car with incomparable smoothness and elegance.

Authentic BMW Quality

Its maximum compression and constant gas flow guarantee the durability and effectiveness of the shock absorber. It is an original BMW product, which guarantees maximum compatibility and performance.

Perfect Adaptability

The trunk lid damper was designed by BMW for a range of models of this vehicle. It is compatible with various BMW 3 Series E46 Convertible, making this product an effective and dedicated upgrade.


The 270N Gas Spring Trunk Lid Damper for BMW E46 is a worthwhile investment. Its durability, efficiency and original BMW design significantly improve your driving experience. Don't wait any longer and visit our exclusive online store for BMW parts and accessories to learn more details.

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