BMW y la Competición: Historia y Logros

BMW and Competition: History and Achievements

BMW and Competition: History and Achievements

BMW, the initials that represent one of the most reputable brands in the automotive world, has been synonymous with innovation and performance since its founding. One of the reasons behind BMW's success is its commitment to competition, constantly challenging and surpassing itself to offer its customers high-performance vehicles. But how did BMW get mixed up in racing? And what have been your most memorable achievements? Let's get to know it in depth.

Start of BMW in Competitions

Since the 1930s, BMW has been committed to racing. Its first forays into racing date back to the Mille Miglia in Italy and in various Grand Prix competitions which attracted the brand's exclusive focus on sports vehicles.

Golden Eras in Competition

During the 1980s and early 1990s, BMW showed its true power on the circuit, taking significant victories in international competitions such as the World Touring Car Championship and the European Touring Car Championship.

Recent BMW Triumphs

BMW continues to be present in the most prominent competitions worldwide, achieving titles in championships such as the DTM and the IMSA SportsCar series. All of this filters directly into the constant innovation that we see in the BMW parts and accessories that we offer in our store.

In short, BMW's commitment to motorsport is much more than just prestige and achievement. It is a commitment to excellence and constant improvement to offer BMW enthusiasts around the world.

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