Descubre la chaqueta de golf señoras BMW: Comodidad y estilo en uno

Discover the BMW ladies golf jacket: Comfort and style in one

Introducing the BMW Ladies Golf Jacket , an exceptional product that represents the perfect balance between functionality and style. This golf jacket is part of the stylish and sporty BMW Golfsport range, specially designed to enhance your golfing experience.

This BMW golf jacket goes beyond just being a piece of clothing, it's a style statement. It stands out for its red/gray color and sizes from XS to XL, which makes it ideal for any woman who is passionate about golf and loves BMW.

The jacket has several technical characteristics and competitive advantages:

- Material: 100% polyester, softshell with membrane, 100% polyester trim. The choice of material ensures resistance and at the same time, offers flexibility and comfort.

- Breathable: This means that it allows perspiration, preventing you from feeling uncomfortable or too hot.

- Padded front area as wind protection: Ideal for those golf days when the wind is strong.

- 'BMW Golfsport' wordmark printed in silicone on the front: A distinctive, high-quality detail that confirms its authenticity.

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