Impulsa el Lujo de tu BMW: Guía Esencial para Cuidar el Interior de tu BMW

Boost the Luxury of your BMW: Essential Guide to Caring for the Interior of your BMW

There's nothing like feeling luxury and comfort every time you sit in your BMW. In fact, the interior of a BMW is an integral part of its charm and lifestyle . Therefore, keeping this space in optimal condition is just as important as taking care of the engine and body of the vehicle. In this article, we are going to reveal how you can maintain and care for the interior of your BMW so that it always looks new.

Know the materials of your BMW

The first step to taking care of the interior of your BMW is to know the type of materials your vehicle has. Each BMW is designed with different types of high-quality materials, including leather, plastic, rubber and metal.

Leather : With a little regular care, the leather in your BMW can last the life of the vehicle. Moisturize and clean your leather seats with a specialized leather cleaner from our online store of spare parts and accessories for BMW.

Plastic : Be sure to protect all plastic components of your BMW from direct sunlight. Use specific cleaners for plastic and don't forget to apply sunscreen.

General tips to care for the interior of your BMW

  • Avoid eating and drinking in your car to prevent stains and odors.
  • Keep car floors clean with the help of mats and mops.
  • Clean the instrument panel regularly to avoid dust and dirt.
  • Check and replace your BMW parts regularly in our online store to maintain the functionality and value of your car.


Taking care of the interior of your BMW is essential to maintain its value and keep your car looking like new. With these simple tips and tools from our store, you can maintain the luxury of your BMW for years.

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