Las Últimas Tecnologías de Asistencia al Conductor en BMW: Innovación y Seguridad en el Camino

The Latest Driver Assistance Technologies at BMW: Innovation and Safety on the Road

The Latest Driver Assistance Technologies at BMW: Innovation and Safety on the Road

In today's world, technological innovations play a crucial role in the automotive field. BMW, as a pioneer in the industry, remains at the forefront with its advanced driver assistance technologies . These innovations not only improve the driving experience, but also significantly increase safety on the road.

Driving Assistance System (Driving Assistance Professional)

The BMW Driving Assistance System provides a combination of several advanced technologies that work together to deliver a safer driving experience. Among its most notable features are:

  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function
  • Lane Keep Assist with side collision protection
  • Emergency Assistant and Smart Personal Assistant

These functionalities allow BMW vehicles to not only maintain a constant and safe speed, but also make steering corrections to avoid accidents.

Parking Assistance Plus

For many drivers, parking can be a challenging task. With the Parking Assistance Plus system, BMW simplifies this task by offering:

  • Surround View Cameras facilitating 360º vision
  • Side View System to avoid obstacles
  • Remote Parking Assistant using the smart key

These technologies allow you to park in tight spaces effortlessly and with impressive precision.

Lane Change Assist

Safety when changing lanes is critical, especially on congested roads. BMW introduces its Lane Change Assist , which constantly monitors blind spots and warns the driver of vehicles in the non-visible area. If necessary, the system can even take control to prevent a potential collision.

Traffic Sign Recognition Assistant

Another notable feature is the Traffic Sign Recognition Assistant . This system informs the driver about speed limits, mandatory directions and other signs in real time, improving responsiveness and compliance with traffic regulations.


Driver assistance technologies at BMW represent a breakthrough in the automotive industry, providing drivers with a safe, comfortable and efficient driving experience. By keeping the driver informed and intervening when necessary, BMW demonstrates its commitment to safety and innovation.

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