Seguridad en Coches BMW: Lo Último en Tecnología

Safety in BMW Cars: The Latest in Technology

BMW cars represent the perfect combination of luxury, performance and safety. With cutting-edge technological advances, BMW excels in the development and implementation of innovative safety systems that protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians. From driver assistance systems to collision prevention technologies, BMW vehicles offer a full range of active and passive safety measures.

Advances in Active Safety

The latest BMW models incorporate advanced technologies that improve active safety, such as the emergency braking system, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and night vision system. These innovations work together to assist the driver in heavy traffic situations and minimize the risk of accidents.

Passive Security Technologies

In addition to active safety, BMW focuses on collision protection. The body structure and advanced airbag systems offer a high level of passive safety, minimizing the impact of an accident and protecting occupants.

Intelligent Assistance Systems

BMW's intelligent assistance systems use sensors and cameras to constantly monitor the vehicle's surroundings and alert the driver to potential dangers. These include parking assistant, cruise control with braking function and cross traffic assistant, among others.

Continuous Innovation

BMW is committed to constant innovation in vehicle safety, collaborating in research into emerging technologies, such as autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This pursuit of safety excellence positions BMW as a leader in the automotive industry.

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