Tecnología de Frenos en BMW: Innovación al Servicio de la Seguridad

Brake Technology at BMW: Innovation at the Service of Safety

Brake Technology at BMW: Innovation at the Service of Safety

The brakes in BMW cars are the result of years of development and innovation. At the heart of the BMW driving experience, safety remains the top priority, and braking technology is an integral part of that vision.

At BMW, the braking function is not limited to stopping the vehicle. It goes further, to anticipate even emergency situations. BMW braking systems are designed to act even before the driver presses the pedal. This technological advancement has been possible thanks to BMW's dedication and commitment to constant innovation.

Types of Brake Technology in BMW

There are several types of braking systems used in BMW models. The most common are:

  1. Disc brakes: These brakes are ideal for the high temperatures generated during constant high speed driving. Featuring a high specification brake disc, BMW disc brakes are designed to deliver exceptional performance even in the most demanding conditions.
  2. Anti-lock brakes (ABS): The anti-lock brake system ensures that the wheels do not lock during heavy braking. This allows the vehicle to maintain traction with the road surface, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.
  3. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC): This is a high-tech braking system that increases the overall stability of the vehicle by minimizing wheel slip.

The Future of Brake Technology at BMW

In the coming years, BMW plans to introduce even more advanced braking systems. These will include the use of artificial intelligence and hybrid technology to further increase the safety and effectiveness of the brakes. Brake technology at BMW will continue to evolve, always promising maximum safety for BMW drivers and passengers.

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