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Show Android radio as a gift for BMW X1 series F48 f49 rear camera!

Show Android radio as a gift for BMW X1 series F48 f49 rear camera!

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10.25 "screen wireless browser
BMW X1 series F48 f49
Camera gift!
Update your BMW!

·Modernize your car with this incredible screenAndroid 9.1 new features!
·screenMulti touch IPS novelty!
·CompatibleApple Capri novelty!(USB is required)
·You won't miss itSteering wheel and / or iDrive control.
·You can haveinternetandWireless internet accessOn your screen.
·full speed forward!
6 nuclei,32GB and 4GB of memory
·resolving power high definition
· Global positioning system Including maps all over Europe.
· Bluetooth Compatible Apple and Android
· There are even entrances stop itUSB interface
·Enjoy Apple Music, spotify, TV... andMillion applications added.

Now? The utility model relates to a gift camera, which starts automatically when reversing.

Don't forget! If you need it, and in case of low availability, if you have any questions, we will assign you a technician free of charge to help you in the assembly process.

Don't hesitate to buy one at once. Latest generation radio For your BMW.

Note: it is installed on the dashboard of BMW and replaces the existing dashboard.

For BMW X1 series F48 f49CCC / CIC / NBT (once we receive the order, we will ask you to provide the chassis number so that our experts can customize the radio for your BMW, including CCC / CIC / NBT)

(navigation menu layout)

common problem:

Is it perfect?
Yes, this screen is designed for BMW.

Does it start with the BMW logo?
Yes, when you open the screen, you will see the BMW logo, but you can also choose to change the start with your favorite logo, such as BMW / / m.

Do I have a multifunction steering wheel?
It will continue to work and our screen is 100% compatible. In addition, they are ready, so you don't have to set anything, just connect the screen and the control buttons on the steering wheel to continue working.

Do you have GPS?
Yes, it has installed GPS with Sygic with maps of Spain and other parts of Europe. But you can also use Google maps, Igo, Papago, 3D maps, etc. without any problem. You can also use this application, such as wolf radar warning, black spots, etc.

Can I surf the Internet?
Yes, you can share data through Android or iPhone, but you can also buy 3G USB and insert sim card to surf the Internet at any time without sharing data with your phone and saving battery.

Can I watch TV, youtube, listen to music...?
Of course, if the screen allows you to download any application available in the play store, the method is the same as that of an ordinary mobile phone. There are millions of applications on Google play store. If you are an advanced user, you want to install the application directly. Apk is OK.

What if my radio doesn't have auxiliary output?
Don't worry, of course, it's better to have auxiliary output, because the sound is clearer, but if there is no auxiliary output, we will send you FM transmitter for free, so that you can connect the audio on the screen to BMW's music equipment.

Can I use GPS and listen to music at the same time?
Yes, no problem. You can watch GPS and listen to your favorite music at the same time.

Hands free?
Yes, it has hands-free function compatible with Android and iPhone. Contact synchronization, call, receive... A complete hands-free feature is integrated into your screen and with steering wheel controls.

If your BMW has a wheel on the armrest, it will continue to work.

What about the information on my screen now?
It won't disappear.

Compatible with Iphone?
Yes, 100% compatible. You shouldn't worry if you have iPhone. Even though the screen will carry an Android operating system, you'll be able to connect without problems.

Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G ...

Does it play 4K?
Yes, it plays 4K videos.

What if I have Harman/kardon or power cap?
No problem is 100% compatible with Harman/kardon.

Do I need any special cable?
No, all cables, adapters, connections, etc. are included and you will not need to purchase anything special.

Important: Please note that this product has a delivery time of 7-10 days due to the specific configuration of each car (once the order has been made we will contact you to confirm configurations).


We are a company 100% registered in the commercial register, and all invoices come with their corresponding VAT included in the price, unlike other companies that send it from abroad causing customs expenses and long delivery times. 
We do not ship the product from abroad, unlike other companies, we send it directly from Spain from our own facilities. 
All our Android screens have 2 years of warranty, making us charge, if applicable, of the shipping/return expenses.
Each and every one of the screens coming out of our facilities is subjected to stress testing and it is thoroughly checked that all components and accessories work at 100%.
We also have an excellent technical repair team in Spain and in Spanish, to cover any problems that may arise and/or even replacement of components.

Don't hesitate! We are your best choice to purchase an Android screen for your BMW.

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