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OBD 2 Bluetooth for Android radio screen.

OBD 2 Bluetooth for Android radio screen.

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With this small device called OBD2, you can connect usingBluetooth All the information of your BMW to the Radio Android screen thanks to the torque application.

The installation is very simple, it does not require any modification. You just have to connect the device in the corresponding place located on top of the pedals and then link it via Bluetooth to the Android radio screen.

Torque is an APP available for our Android radii screens, which thanks to the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), allows your radio screen to communicate with the BMW and obtain a large amount of information so you know the engine status, The errors presented, the monitoring of maintenance, etc.

Thanks to Torque, you can get data from the operation of your car, among others some such as:

  • RPM real of the engine, although your vehicle does not have said indicator on the dashboard.
  • Speed.
  • Acceleration.
  • Instant motor and torque power.
  • Engine error codes with detailed information.
  • State of the electrical system and fuses.
  • Monitoring of vehicle maintenance.
  • Reading of vehicle emissions.
  • Transmission temperature
  • Travel video recording with obdii data overlay.
  • HUD mode (Head Up Display) for nocturnal driving.

Attention! Not all BMW's allow access to the ECU. For this we recommend asking us if your BMW model is compatible. Even so, the rest of the functionalities if they would work correctly.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    victor s.v. (Albatera)

    Perfecto rápido de instalar y el cassette lee todos los parámetros del coche así puedo ver temperaturas de aceite temperatura del motor revoluciones velocidad todo una pasada

    Marcoscsrnota (Madrid)

    Entrega rápida y el producto perfecto

    yosu s.a.
    Pantalla android

    Encaja perfectamente en su sitio original,el montaje es bastante sencillo sin necesidad de herramientas especiales
    Con un mensaje de wassap fue suficiente para localizar el terminal en el maletero debajo de la rueda
    Estetucamente mejor que el original y muchas funciones que no tenia.
    Cuando levanten el confinamiento lo disfrutare.
    Un saludo Yosu

    BMW 320 COMPACT.

    Envío rápido.
    No es gran cosa, pero puedes ver algunos datos. Sin más.

    David (Castelló de la Plana)

    Calidad precio inmejorable