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Radio screen 9'Android 10 for BMW model 7 E38 series. Now with a gift back camera!

Radio screen 9'Android 10 for BMW model 7 E38 series. Now with a gift back camera!

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9 "Navigator Radio Screen for BMW 7 E38 Series.
Gift Back Camera!
Update your BMW.

·Modernizes your car with this amazing screenAndroid 10 Novelty!
·9-inch screen,Multi-touch with IPS Novelty!
·Chip DSP. integrated Novelty!
·You will not lose theControls on the steering wheel..
· Wifi, Internet at all times
· Compatible with USB Internet 4G(SIM card)
· ¡Maximum speed With 4 centers! Quadcore ROM 16GB and 2GB of RAM
·Resolution HD 1080. pixels
· PowerfulGPS. Built-in with maps from all over Europe
· Bluetooth compatible with Apple and Android
· Until you have 2 outputs USB.
·Enjoy Apple Music, Spotify, TV ... andMillions of applications plus.

Now! Gift A Gift Back Camera that is activated automatically when starting reversing.

That you will not forget! If you need it, and low availability, we are assigned a technician for free to help you during the assembly if you have any questions.

Do not hesitate and buy it right now last-generation radius For your BMW.


Does it fit perfectly?
Yes, this screen has been designed unique and exclusively for this BMW model. It fits as if it were the original factory, without leaving holes, spaces ...

Do you start with the BMW logo?
Yes, when you turn on the screen, the BMW logo comes out, but you will also have the option to change this start with the logo that you prefer, for example BMW /// M.

If I have a multifunction steering wheel?
It will continue to work, our screens are 100% compatible. Also, they are already prepared so you do not have to configure anything, just connecting the screen and the controls of your steering wheel will continue to operate normally.

Does GPS carry?
Yes, it has GPS with Sygic or IGO installed with maps but you can also use Google Maps, Papago, 3D maps, etc. No problem. You can also use the application for example coyote for radar warnings, black spots etc.

Can I have the Internet?
Yes, you can have the Internet sharing data with your mobile Android or iPhone. You can also use a multisim by acquiring this add-on:(See USB 4G WiFi).

Can I watch TV, use Youtube, Spotify, listen to music ...?
If of course, the screen allows you to download any available application on Play Store in the same way we do it with the usual mobile phones. There are millions of applications on Google Play Store. And if you are an advanced user and want to directly install applications .APK you can also.

Can I have the GPS and listen to music at the same time?
Yes, no problems. You can be watching the GPS and listening to your favorite music at the same time.

Free hands?
Yes, it has hands-free compatible with both Android mobiles and iPhone mobile. Contact synchronization, call, receive calls ... A complete hands-free integrated on your screen and functional also with the steering wheel controls.

Compatible with iPhone?
Yes, 100% compatible. You should not worry if you have iPhone. Although the screen carries an Android operating system, you can connect without problems.

Do the buttons on the screen illuminate?
Yes, when turning on the BMW's own lights, the buttons light up from the same BMW standard color.

Something happens if I have Harman Kardon or Power Top?
No problem, it's 100% compatible with BMW's wearingHarman Kardon or Alpine. Also, if you carry a power cap, apart from carrying output for the cover also carries a specific output for the subfwofer.But nevertheless,You must keep in mind, that in some cases (Harmankardon or Alpine) you will have to modify the wiring of the speakers manually (since there is no adapter) when performing the installation, or the screen will not have sound.

Do I need some special cable?
No, all cables, adapters, connections etc. they are included and you will not need to acquire anything special (except for cases ofHarman Kardon / Alpine that require modify wiring). Make sure when making your purchase, selecting the option "Yes or No, I carry serial screen". In case of selecting the option "Yes, I carry series screen" you will need a normal power cable (which we usually have per house) 6 meters for the installation of the rear camera.

Only and only if you have a serial screen, the possibility of this adapter needs (See adapter)

In some cases, you may need to acquire a noise reducer to stabilize the current input and current output of the rear camera circuit. (See filter.)

Because reason is more expensive if I select "Yes, I have served"?
The BMW's that have a serial screen, need other connections and wiring other than BMW's that do not have a serial screen, and it is for that reason that the price increases a little, because we include such cables and connectors.


We are a 100% company registered in the Mercantile Registry, and all invoices come with its corresponding VAT included in the price, unlike other companies that send it from abroad by causing customs expenditure and long delivery times. 
We do not send the product from abroad, unlike other companies, we send it directly from Spain from our own facilities. 
All our Android screens have 2 years warranty, making us charge, if applicable, of shipping / return costs.
Each and every one of the screens that come out of our facilities are tested tested and are thoroughly checked that all components and accessories work 100%.
We also have an excellent Spanish technical repair team in Spain, to cover any problems that may arise and / or even replacement of components.

Do not hesitate! We are your best option to acquire an Android screen for your BMW.

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