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BMW Iconic Glow 3er G20 G21 G28 front grill. Genuine BMW

BMW Iconic Glow 3er G20 G21 G28 front grill. Genuine BMW

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BMW Iconic Glow 3er G20 G21 G28 front grill

The BMW Iconic Glow front grille sets new standards: when the vehicle is opened and before it is locked, they illuminate the kidneys and the area in front of the vehicle. You establish a hitherto unique optical accent.

For technical approval reasons, the light mat must be deactivated on one side.

The illuminated front grille has black bars and can be fitted on all kidney variants (chrome, black, cerium grey).

To avoid reflections on the lower kidney frame and meet the approval requirements, the diffuser sheets must be glued to the lower part of the kidney frame.

The illuminated front grille can be installed on vehicles with or without iCam.

The cable harness, control electronics and diffuser blades are not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

  • Emphasis on the BMW icon: With the Iconic Glow front grille, you can set the typical BMW air intake, the kidney, in the spotlight.
  • The greatest possible differentiation from production vehicles: The overall impression of the vehicle changes due to the emphasis on the distinctive kidney grille together with the main headlights.
  • The kidney lighting is active both when the vehicle is opened and in the period between "ignition off" and locking the vehicle.
  • The lighting turns off automatically as soon as all doors are closed and the engine is started.
  • In addition to the design aspect, the lighting also serves to illuminate the area in front of the vehicle. This makes it easier to recognize objects or parking space numbers in front of the vehicle, for example.
  • The lighting resists influences such as heat, humidity, dirt and water pressure (e.g. car washing).
  • The LED lighting is integrated into the front grille in such a way that the frame and bars are illuminated with white light from above.
  • The lighting is controlled as platform lighting. The platform also lights up when going up and down.

Also includes accessories:

Set of matte transparent diffuser sheets (for kidney frame in chrome or cerium gray)

Matte black diffuser blade set (for kidney mount in black)

Iconic Glow Electronics

Genuine BMW product.

Valid for:

BMW 3 series G20 Saloon/Limousine

  • 316d (5W71/5W78)
  • 318d (5V31/5V38)
  • 318i (71DY)
  • 320d (11DY/18DY/5V51/5V58)
  • 320dX (31DY/38DY/5V71/5V78)
  • 320e (5Y91)
  • 320i (5F31/5F38/5F71/5X51/5X58)
  • 320i 1.6 (5F51)
  • 320iX (5P31/5P38)
  • 330d (5V91)
  • 330dX (5W11)
  • 330e (5P51/5P58/5P71/5X71)
  • 330eX (5P91/5P98)
  • 330i (5R11/5R18/5R31)
  • 330iX (5R71/5R78/5R91)
  • M340dX (51DY)
  • M340i (5U71)
  • M340iX (5U91/5U98)

BMW 3 series G21 Touring

  • 316d (6M51)
  • 318d (6L31)
  • 318i (71DZ)
  • 320d (11DZ/6L51)
  • 320dX (31DZ/6L71)
  • 320e (6N91)
  • 320i (11ED/6K31)
  • 330d (6L91)
  • 330dX (6M11)
  • 330e (6N31)
  • 330eX (6N71)
  • 330i (6K51)
  • 330iX (6K71)
  • M340dX (51DZ)
  • M340iX (6N11)

BMW 3 series G28 Saloon/Limousine

  • 320Li (41BE)
  • 325Li (6P41)
  • 325LiX (6R21)
  • 330LiX (6P01)
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