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BMW Performance Pedal Set Manual Change, Stainless Steel. Original BMW.

BMW Performance Pedal Set Manual Change, Stainless Steel. Original BMW.

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Set of BMW Performance Pedals in Stainless Steel for BMW's with Manual Change.

It adapts to the following BMW's:

  • 1st F20 and F20lci 5-Türer
  • 1st F21 and F21Lci 3-Türer
  • 2r F22 Coupe.
  • 2r F23 Cabrio.
  • 2r F87 M2 Coupe
  • 3rd F30 und F30lci Limousine
  • 3rd F31 und F31Lci Touring
  • 3rd F34 und F34Lci GT
  • 3rd F80 M3 Limousine
  • 4er F32 and F32LCI Coupe
  • 4er F33 and F33Lci Cabrio
  • 4er F36 and F36LCI Great Coupe
  • 4er F82 M4. Coupe
  • 4er F83 M4 Cabrio
  • 5er F07 GT.
  • 5er F10 and F10Lci Limousine
  • 5er F11 and F11lci Touring
  • 5er G30 Limousine
  • 5er G31 Touring
  • 6er F06 M6 Great Coupe
  • 6er F12 UYD F12LCI Cabrio
  • 6er F13 and F13LCI Coupe
  • X1 E84.
  • X3 F25.
  • X4 F26.

Original BMW.

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