Gana dinero en cash recomendando VIC SHOP. Sin inversión, sólo dedicación.

Earn money in Cash recommending Vic Shop. Without investment, only dedication.

Updated on July 18, 2020


Before continuing to read this publication we are going to leave you clear and bluntly Certain points to consider:

  1. It is not necessary to invest or 1 only €
  2. You do not have to have knowledge about the BMW brand
  3. You have to know how to handle social networks (Perform and share publications)
  4. You will get 5% in cash (PayPal, bank account ...) or 10% on Gift Card Vic Shop (you choose), from everything your referred customers acquire from the first purchase even 1 €

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Now that you have clear these 4 simple points, you can continue reading how it works, we explain everything without surroundings.

In Vic Shop we have created a Affiliate system To help you Generate an extra money without investment, only by sharing links on social networks, forums etc. and recommended our company Vic Shop to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues ...

How does it work?

Good question! Once you have registered freely (below we explain how to register) we will assign you a link (link to a web address) that you will be able to use when publishing on Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Forums or where you want, as well as send by Whatsapp, email etc.
With this link, when your referral (when we talk about referred, we refer to the person who accesses our website through your link) Enter our website, automatically our system will be recorded that this user visits the Web because you have referred, and Then, any purchase that the user does will be tracked as a purchase from you, automatically adjudicating 5% of the total from your purchases in your affiliate panel, which we will later pay for bank transfer, Paypal ... ( you choose).

What should I do to generate income?

Very easy! With the link that we are going to provide you, you must share it in all your social networks, Facebook groups, forums, whatsapp, email (you choose where, as and when). The goal is for people to click on the link and make purchases on our website.

You can also be creative, making publications by writing about our products, your experience etc. (But remember! If you write a post, this one has to be really, can not invent, lie etc. Information has to be truthful).

Let's say another example, imagine that you are in a Facebook group where they talk about Android screens, then it is a good place to write your opinion about our Android screens and include your affiliate link, recommending that they buy it in our online store.

What would a practical case be like?

Go for it! Imagine that you have shared your affiliate link on several sites and a user click and make a purchase for a total value of € 365 VAT included and free shipping, then once the purchase is confirmed, you will see that in your affiliate panel There is a balance at your favor of € 15.08 [Total sale amount - VAT - Shipping costs = (Total / 100) * 5)]

Let's say another case in practice. Suppose you share your link and two users click and access our online store, but none of them make any purchase at that time, after 5 days [max. 7] One of them will access the online store and makes a purchase of € 520VAT included and shipping costs 9.9Then once the purchase is confirmed, you will see that in your affiliate panel there is a balance in your favor of 21.0

Remember! In case of choosing payment on gift card to spend on our store, you will receive twice as a commission. That is, in the 1st case it would be € 30 and in the second € 42.

When and how will I receive my commissions?

Every day 1 of all months, we will transfer all the balance in your favor of your control panel to your bank account, PayPal etc. as long as the balance is greater than or equal to € 100. If one month you only generate € 29 and the next month generas € 100, then when you arrive next day 1, we will transfer £ 129 to your bank account, PayPal etc.

Ready? Do you want to start earning extra money?

1. Access the following web address: and click on the link Register 

2. Now you must fill out all fields of the form and click Create Account

3. At this time you will already find you registered and you can now access by typing email / password you have used in the previous step and by clicking Log in and you will be inside your control panel.

4. Now that you are already within your control panel, you will be able to see your link. This will be the link that you are going to use in your publications.

Ready! You can start sharing and generate income with Vic Shop.

We wish you have many sales and remember that if you have any questions or inquiry, you can contact us through email putting an affiliate business.

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